Organic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides

Organic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticidesOrganic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides

Our Mission





Mar Y Sol Products’ mission is to develop a variety of natural, effective and eco-friendly products to meet the needs of consumers keeping you and the earth safer and healthier. Harnessing the power of nature using microbial formulas, enzymes, oils and other safe, natural ingredients, we are confident we have and will continue to achieve this goal. We want to see you and our green earth flourish!





We at Mar Y Sol Products pledge to deliver the highest quality products to our consumers. We strive to be  good stewards of all the inhabitants of our great Earth by promoting and offering safe, natural and organic products. All of our products are produced in the United States. We are working to serve you and make the Earth a better, safer place.  

Meet Judy and Andrea

Judy Faircloth is Owner-Operator of Mar Y Sol Products. 

Judy has worked over 20 years as a Health and Safety Specialist. She believes in healthy living not only for ourselves but, for everyone. Since the birth of her grandchildren, Judy became more aware of the effects of chemicals in our food and environment. She looked for changes she could make to provide a healthier, safer life style for her whole family. This prompted Judy to create Mar Y Sol Products to offer the best, safest products available to replace the potentially dangerous and even ineffective products commonly found in households and businesses today. Judy fondly remembers picking roadside berries and honeysuckle as a child. This isn't something she'd allow her grandchildren to do today and risk consuming carcinogenic pesticides or weed control. In her home and yard, however, she knows her family and pets are safe. She wants everyone to have this peace of mind for themselves without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of the products we use. 

Andrea McCullough is the Associate Business Manager for Mar Y Sol Products.

Andrea holds a BS in Botany from UGA. She worked as a Research Assistant and as a Microbiologist before becoming a stay at home mother. She also has over 10 years experience working in the animal health industry. She works hard to provide a safe, healthy lifestyle and environment for herself and family. As an outdoors and nature enthusiast, she is acutely aware of how our choices affect our environment. She went to great lengths to make changes in her home to eliminate harmful chemicals and reduce waste that put people and pets at risk as well as the environment. She regularly takes her children on hikes to clean up trash, teach recycling and how their choices impact everything around them. As a like minded person, she joined Judy in building Mar Y Sol Products to help provide excellent products to everyone that are completely safe and work wonderfully.