Organic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides

Organic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticidesOrganic and natural cleaners, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides

Questions and Answers

How are Mar Y Sol Origens products different from other similar products on the market?

Most suppliers of biological cleaning formulas offering the same type of products consist of a single standard bacterial blend for every product and application. The Origens products are designed to be application specific and contain more than one strain of bacteria. 

Some competitors produce formulas that use harsh chemicals that are not environmentally-responsible nor the safest for you. Origens cleaners contain no chemicals. 

How are Mar Y Sol Origens products different from other similar products on the market?

Our products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure effectiveness and safety. The products are designed by using solution-specific applications. No other microbial range offers such comprehensive data as to the quality and validity of these products. 

The best way we can explain how Origens products work is to liken the active ingredient to the arcade game, from years ago, that had the little mouth creature that went around and gobbled up the “enemies”. Our little gobblers are a type of bacteria which is common, abundant and safe. They come directly from the earth and are powerful, natural decomposers of organic waste.  

Does Mar Y Sol support or use animal testing?

Absolutely not. Mar Y Sol does not conduct or condone any animal testing. 

Can I use Origens Pet Odor Eliminator on my pets?

Although the Pet Odor Eliminator is safe and non-toxic as with all of the Origens products. We recommend using Pet Odor Eliminator on pet bedding, crates, carpets, vehicles, collars, leashes or any other surfaces pets come in contact with.  It is not formulated for use ON animals. 

Will any of the Origens products be harmful to me, my pets or children?

Mar Y Sol products are safe and non-toxic.   

These products are not labeled for topical use and are not for consumption. We do not recommend anyone consume any of our products. 

Will any of the Origens products stain my carpet, floors, walls, counters, couches or leather seats?

Our Origens products are water based and will stain any surface that water will stain. It is recommended that you test the product in an inconspicuous place on the surface you are treating. Read the label and follow all directions prior to using. Always wipe or blot away any excess. 

Can any of the Origens products be used outdoors around pools, lakes, etc?

All the Origens products are non-toxic, biodegradable and aquatic safe.  

Are there any dangerous chemicals in the Origens products?

There are NO chemicals in our products. The Origens products are not considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200)

Do any of the Origens products come in a fragrance?

We offer fragrance free and lemon scent currently. Tell us what fragrance you would like to see us add. Please email us or comment on any of our social media sites.

What is Origens Multi Surface Cleaner used for?

Multi Surface Pro is formulated to provide superior cleaning, deodorizing, and stain removal on a wide variety of hard surfaces. It is perfect for hard surfaces, sinks, grout, tiles, toilets, and counter-tops.

What is Origens Odor Eliminator used for and how is it effective?

Origens Odor Eliminator is effective on urine, bathroom odors, food odors, pet odors, cigarette smoke, car interiors and as an air freshener. Unpleasant odors are caused by a variety of organic sources therefore the bacteria strains in this product are trained for optimal and long-lasting odor-control. 

What is Origens Floor Cleaner used for?

Origens Floor Pro works on hard surface floors such as wood, tile, linoleum and ceramic for floor spot cleaning and it works on a variety of stains.  

Can Origens Floor Cleaner be used on any type floors?

You can use Origens Floor Cleaner on any hard surface floor. Origens cleaning products are water based formulas therefore if water will stain your floor, then there is a possibility that Origens Floor Cleaner will. Always test in an inconspicuous place.

What is Origens Pet Odor Eliminator used for?

Origens Pet Odor Eliminator provides long-lasting odor control for pet odors, stains and accidents. It will penetrate deep into carpet fibers for degradation of soils that cause odors or reoccurring stains. It is great for use on auto interiors, bedding, clothes, blankets, pillows, crates, rugs, walls and other areas of pet contact. Freshen up their favorite pet sweater or collar too.  

What is Origens Carpet Cleaner used for?

Wow, we are so amazed at this product. Origens Carpet Cleaner is a superior formula for highly effective cleaning of carpets and odor control. The bacterial formula customized for carpet cleaning penetrates deep into the fibers for complete degradation of odor and stain causing residual soils. Carpet Pro is perfect for spot cleaning and can also be used in carpet machines. 

Are there any special instructions when using Origens cleaning products?

Always read and follow the instructions on the bottle. Use as intended. Shake, shake, shake before each use. You can retreat tough stains and let them soak longer than the recommended 3 minutes. You can place a warm, damp cloth over the area to keep the stain moist while the bacteria are working away. If the area dries, the bacteria stop working. 

Can I order wholesale?

We do offer wholesale pricing. Please email us at with your questions and order request or call Judy at 470-955-3207.

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheets?

The Safety Data Sheets are on the Mar Y Sol website under Knowledge.  

Are there any EPA registrations for the Mar Y Sol products?

Because Mar Y Sol uses only environmentally-responsible products and no harsh chemicals, our products are EPA exempt. 

Are the Mar Y Sol Origens products incompatible with any chemicals?

Strong acids, alkalis, and strong oxidizing agents may react with the products and inactivate bacterial cultures rendering them ineffective. We do not recommend mixing our products with any other cleaners or chemicals. 

What if my child would ingest any of the products?

While the product is safe and non-toxic, always call poison control if your child should ingest any of the Origens cleaning products. Call the American Association of Poison Control Centers at (800) 222-1222 24 hours a day. As with any household products it is best to keep them out of the reach of children.  

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal. 

Can I order by phone?

Absolutely you can. The number is 470-955-3207.